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Callaway JAWS MD5 Wedges Chrome Finish


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46.10 S Grind (RH Only), 48.10 S Grind (RH Only), 50.10 S Grind, 50.12 W Grind (RH Only), 52.10 S Grind, 52.12 W Grind (RH Only), 54.08 C Grind (RH Only), 54.10 S grind, 54.12 W Grind, 56.08 C Grind (RH Only), 56.10 S Grind, 56.12 W Grind, 58.08 S grind (RH Only), 58.08 W Grind, 58.10 S Grind, 58.12 W Grind (RH Only), 58.12 X Grind (RH Only), 60.08 C grind, 60.08 W Grind, 60.10 S Grind, 60.12 W Grind, 60.12 X Grind, 64.10 S Grind (RH Only)


Right Handed, Left Handed

Steel, Graphite

Graphite, Steel


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