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Frisebee Golf

Did you know we carry Frisbee Discs here at Wagner’s Golf!? We have a huge selection from Driver Discs, Mid-Range Disc, and Putter Discs with many different colors and brands to choose from! We also have a wide variety of backpacks to choose from as well! 

Callaway Chromesoft Triple Track Golf Ball

Do you want the same ball that Phil Mickelson “The Lefty” just won the PGA Championship with?! Well, we got them! The all new Callaway Chromesoft Triple Track golf ball is proven to have anyone who lines the ball up with this new technology to hit their lines 80% more! Stop on by today to pick a dozen or two for you and a friend to play like Phil! 


There are so many grip options out in the world to choose from so let Wagner’s Golf help you get exactly what you need! You could have a brand new feeling set of clubs by simply regripping them! Whether you buy the grip in person or on our website, bring it into the store with your receipt and we will put it on for free!

Custom Paint Fill Your Clubs!

Did you know Wagner’s Golf can custom paint fill your clubs?! Whether you want your paint to fill in to be red like Ben’s, or all blacked out, Doesn’t matter what color you want, we got it! Stop by or call today to get a quote! 

Golf Lessons

Do you need help Evolving Your Game? Well we can help with that! If you are lost on your golf swing and need guidance to a few more pars/ birdies a round, we are the people who can help! Lessons from Ben Wagner will help you be more confident, comfortable, and consistent! Call today and schedule a lesson or two to get you where you need to be!


Golf Lessons

Do you need help evolving your golf game? We offer golf lessons at Wagner’s Golf to help out with that! Sometimes, a new golf club is not always the answer, but a 30 minute golf lesson could be the solution!

Contact Us


Want to custom order something? If you do not see what you need/want off of our website, do not ever hesitate and call Wagner’s Golf at 515-232-4653 to place an order for exactly what you need! We can ship it straight to you still!


Are you debating on getting a new set but still have a set you need to get rid of? Well, we do trade in’s as well! When you trade-in anything here at Wagner’s Golf, you will get in-store credit towards anything you want in the store! Whether you put that store-credit towards a new set of irons or even a new hat, you can! We will take your old clubs and replace them with an up to date nicer and newer set!

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