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A Beginner’s Guide to Golf


If you are new to golf or still learning, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve come up with a few important things you should know before starting your golf journey.

If you are just beginning, taking a few golf lessons may benefit you. Starting with this positive direction will help you gain technique and allow you to practice.

If you believe a golf lesson may be the right start for you, Wagner’s Golf is here for you! Ben has been giving golf lessons for over 5 years to ages 5 to 85. You never know, a quick 30-minute lesson may be just what you need.

When it’s time to hit the course, there are few golf terms you should know.

Scoring Terms:

  • Ace: a hole in one.
  • Eagle: 2 strokes under par
  • Birdie: 1 stroke under par
  • Par: the standard number of strokes it should take from the tee to the hole
  • Bogey: 1 stroke above par
  • Double Bogey: 2 strokes above par


  • Fairway: The short-grass area between the tee and the green
  • Rough: Taller grass that borders the fairway
  • Green: The area around the hole with very short grass, for putting only
  • Bunker: Sand trap or beach


  • Fore!: Warning that is shouted when ball is heading toward a person
  • Putt: A shot taken by a putter on the green
  • Drive: Describes a golfer’s first stroke from the tee

Now that we have covered some basics in golf, hopefully you can use these terms on the course. If you are ever in need of a lesson, make sure to check out Wagner’s Golf!

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