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Tips for Replacing & Cleaning Your Grips

Close up picture of golf club grips

As we eagerly await the end of winter to get back on the course, it’s always important to keep your clubs in mind. After a warm, humid summer, it’s possible that your clubs’ grips have been worn down from the sun, dirt, or even sweat. It’s also possible that your clubs are being stored in a cold area that might crack your grips. If this is the case, it may be time for a re-grip at Wagner’s Golf! Here are some tips when it comes time to replace or clean your grips:

Replacing Grips

If you are a frequent golfer, ideally, your grips should be replaced every 12-18 months. However, avid golfers may notice that their grips need to be replaced much sooner than 18 months or that their grips feel slick, especially after a couple of summers worth of playing golf. If your grips still feel tacky after a couple of years, it’s best to play it by feel and sight. If your grips look shiny and visibly worn, it may be time for a re-grip!

Some golfers like to start each season fresh by replacing their grips every spring. However, there are also golfers who prefer to re-grip their clubs every 6 months. If you don’t play as often and get your clubs re-gripped every 2-3 years, that works too. If you notice a couple clubs are losing traction, you will only need to replace those clubs rather than replacing the entire bag!

Cleaning Grips

If you’d like to keep your current grips for as long as possible, cleaning your grips yourself is another great option. To clean your grips, use warm soapy water and a soft brush or dishcloth to clean and help them keep their traction. When you dry your grips, be sure to use a soft rag or kitchen towel. Cleaning your grips can provide you with an instant increase in grip performance! However, if your grips are too far gone, you may only notice a slight difference or even no difference at all. If your grips don’t retrain their traction, then it’s a good indication that you need to look into re-gripping your clubs.

If it is time for you to re-grip your clubs, stop by Wagner’s Golf today! We have over 60 different grip options in-store and in-stock at all times. Purchasing grips through our store ALWAYS guarantees that they will be applied at no charge, within 48 hours, and to your 100% satisfaction.

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