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3 Things We Love about Collegiate Golf

Nothing represents the Ames community better than college athletics and Wagner’s Golf is here to serve the Ames community. In college athletics, February means the spring golf season will move into full swing. Whether you cheer for the local Cyclones, your own alma mater, or a national powerhouse, there are many things to love about the upcoming season. In this blog, we’ll cover three things we look forward to this collegiate golf season. 

Underdog stories

Every sports fan loves to see a successful underdog topple a national powerhouse. College sports have no shortage of underdog stories. Fans of college basketball will be familiar with so-called “Cinderellas” who defy the odds to win games in the NCAA tournament. College golf is no different. 

In college golf, with many more teams and athletes competing week by week, an upset story is not hard to find. Any golfer knows anything can happen while on the course. During the course of a long season with loads of tournaments and countless holes played, the possibilities are high for an unlikely hero to arise. We know the unlikely hero is just as important as the major champion. 

Hometown heroes

The best way to support athletes from your state, town, or neighborhood is likely through a collegiate team. If you want to cheer on the best golfers from close to your home course, a collegiate team is a good place to look. Everyone has their favorite player on the pro tour, but supporting a local athlete can also be rewarding. 

Combining the love of golf with an already existing school spirit is a no-brainer for golf fans. Nothing is more fun than being your college’s biggest super-fan. We see no reason the relentless support has to stop with marquee sports like football and basketball. Seeing golfers bring their school spirit to the course to support hometown heroes is another reason why we love the college golf season. 

Tracking future prospects

Following collegiate golf also gives fans the opportunity to know the next generation of PGA stars before they enter the professional ranks. Familiarizing yourself with more athletes is the perfect way to become a next level golf fan. Most players on the tour were once playing on a collegiate roster. 

With the numbers of athletes competing in college golf, there is plenty to learn from amateur golfers. Following the sport will make you pick up techniques, learn tricks of the trade, or just learn the same lessons college golfers learn as they play their rounds. No one should miss out on opportunities to improve their game, which is why it’s a great idea to keep an eye on college golf. 

If you are looking to buy collegiate golf gear, Wagner’s Golf is here to help! With products ranging from golf bags to apparel, we have everything you will need to support your team!

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