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Guide To Buying Golf Equipment

Between the golf clubs, golf accessories, and playing on the course, it’s no secret golf can be on the expensive side of hobbies and sports. We know the cost of equipment can add up, making it important to take the process seriously when purchasing new golf clubs or accessories. If you are new to golf, you may even be wondering what you all need to purchase for the upcoming season. Whether you are hitting the course for the 1st time or 100th time, we have several tips on buying golf equipment in this blog!

Golf Clubs

Of course, the most important golf equipment is your clubs. Golf clubs don’t come one-size fits all, so before you dive into the newest technology, it may be a smart decision to decide the right size clubs you will need first. Having the right sized clubs will make you more comfortable on the course and you’ll have even more fun playing the game you love. Every golfer’s swing and playing style is unique. So, consider your own strengths and weaknesses and where a golf club can help you. 

The length of your club shaft should be determined mostly by your height, swing posture, and playing style. Specifically, a longer club shaft can make it more difficult to strike the ball squarely on a consistent basis. However, adding to the shaft will add more speed on your swing which can increase distance. 

The size of golf clubs goes far beyond the length. You wouldn’t want to leave the store with the wrong size shoes and we believe golf clubs are the same. To achieve the best sized clubs for your golf game, you may want to consider a custom club fitting session at Wagner’s Golf! A club fitting session with one of our experts will get you clubs that match your exact specifications. 

Golf Balls 

When purchasing golf equipment, golf balls are often overlooked. However, there are many different styles and technologies that can alter your golf game. It’s important to understand a few core elements before a big golf ball purchase. 

A golf ball is broken down into its core and cover. The core influences the initial ball speed, the spin rate, and the compression rate of the ball. Whereas the cover can be harder or softer to extend the life of the ball or influence performance. 

A golf ball can also come with a variety of constructions. For beginners, a simple two-piece golf ball is likely the way to go. Two-piece golf balls are made up of just the core and the cover. The larger center core will increase distance on shots. And if you frequently run into cart paths, trees, or other obstacles a two-piece ball is a good bet. 

Multi-layer golf balls can be anywhere from three to five layers and have a variety of materials in the core. Multi-layer golf balls are also the most complex and are meant for experienced players. If you are an experienced player, a multi-layer ball can help you control shots while adding spin and an enhanced feel. 

Golf Shoes

Another quick way for you to improve your golf game may be with the shoes you wear! Good traction, breathability, and comfort is important for all golfers when out on the course.

Just like with your clubs, consider fit the number one priority before you purchase a golf shoe. You’ll need to be comfortable and getting a shoe that fits will ensure a smooth ride when you take to the course.

The golf industry has options for both spiked and spikeless golf shoes. Spikeless will certainly provide less traction, but will be more versatile in different situations. If you don’t think you’ll need the maximum traction and you want to feel comfortable in all conditions, spikeless shoes are the perfect route. The more traditional spiked golf shoe is the way to go for experienced players that will need more of a grip on the course. 

When it comes time to buy your golf equipment for the upcoming season, we hope you keep Wagner’s Golf in mind! Whether you are looking for the newest golf clubs, accessories, or apparel, we have it all! Stop by today or head to our website to purchase everything you need.

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