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3 Tips to Prepare for the Upcoming Season

Spring is finally here, which is great news for all the golfers! This also means you’ll need to start preparing yourself for the season ahead. As always, we’ve got you covered if you’re not sure where to start your preparation. Here are 3 tips you’ll need to know as the season itches closer! 

Get Some Cardio

Golf is a physical game, so first and foremost, you may need to prepare yourself physically. Throughout the season you will walk miles! Your rounds will take you up and down hills in between exerting the energy to hit the perfect shot. Don’t let fatigue emerge on those final holes to spoil your round. Before the season begins, plan some walks, runs, or other cardio exercises. This is a simple way to prepare for the upcoming season that could go a long way. Plus, you’ll feel great on the course.

New Equipment

This one is a necessity! You will need to ensure all your golf equipment is in order before the spring and summer season begins. Starting with damaged, worn, or outdated equipment could make for a bad start to the season. Many new products have been hitting the shelves, making it the perfect time to purchase new equipment before the upcoming season! If you plan to update your equipment, now is the time so you can spend all your time on the course this season. When it comes time to buy new equipment, Wagner’s Golf will always be here with the newest and latest equipment. 

Golf Lessons

If you don’t know where else to turn when preparing for the season, turn to the professionals! Scheduling golf lessons with an instructor can help with your overall swing and stance before the season starts. The time leading up to the season is the perfect time to get the pointers you may need to start out strong. If you aren’t happy with how things went last season, use this time to wipe the slate clean. At Wagner’s Golf we have two pros, Ben and Tyler, who are the lesson instructors. They have many years of experience on the course and can provide year-round golf lessons for a great price, all from the store’s indoor golf simulator. 

If you’re excited about the quickly approaching golf season, you’re not alone! When it comes time to prepare for the upcoming season,  remember these 3 tips to make the 2022 golf season the best one yet!

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