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3 Tips for the Mental Side of Golf

Legendary professional golfer Bobby Jones famously said: “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears.”

It’s no secret to regular players that the mental side of golf is vitally important. If you’ve already upgraded your equipment at Wagner’s Golf and or have taken swing lessons, the only thing left to do is prepare mentally for the season. Here are 3 tips to help improve the mental side of your game! 

Keep A Short Memory

Bad shots are inevitable. The key for any mental game is to expect bad shots and learn to quickly forget them. Every player will likely have at least one bad shot in every round. However, one bad shot may not ruin the entire round. Instead, you may want to forget about the bad shots and keep a positive attitude moving forward! It’s important to try a short memory, and quickly forget your bad shots. Approach each shot with the same mental approach for a great consistent round!

Visualize Each Shot

You’ll be surprised. Before you take a swing on the ball, take a second to visualize where you’d ideally like the ball to go. This is a great practice to mentally prepare for each shot. Visualizing the shot will get you laser focused and remind your body and mind what needs to be done. Starting every swing with a mental sense of purpose will increase the likelihood of your desired result and may also boost your confidence prior to your swing. Doing this will take only a few seconds per shot and will allow you to see the dividends in your scores.   

Stay Positive

Golf is a fun game, so have fun! Throughout each round remember the reason you come to the course, to enjoy the outdoors, the company of friends, or even the thrill of competition. We believe a positive outlook can translate to better performance in the mental aspect of the game. If you’re struggling, don’t be too hard on yourself. A negative outlook can lead to less confidence which may translate to a worse performance. Also, appreciating every aspect of the game will take the pressure off and allow you to perform to the best of your abilities. 

Next time you are on the course, make sure to give these tips a try! And as always, if you are in need of anything, Wagner’s Golf is here to help you Evolve Your Game! 

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