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Easy Tips For Properly Cleaning and Storing Your Golf Clubs

Winter is near, which means it’s almost time to put your golf clubs away for the winter! As it comes time to put your clubs away, cleaning your clubs and proper golf club storage can often be overlooked. Some may leave their clubs in the garage, in their trunk, or in the basement, and some may not clean their clubs properly. Storing your clubs in a cold, humid area can damage them, so it’s important to know where to store them properly. In this post, we will cover how to clean your clubs and where you should and shouldn’t store your clubs for the winter!

Before Storing Them Away:

Before storing your golf clubs away for the season, you can improve the longevity of your clubs by cleaning them and removing the build-up of dirt, grime, and chemicals. 

For your irons, soak them in a bucket of warm soapy water for a minute or two to loosen the dirt and grime. Make sure you have enough water to just cover the iron head. For woods, do not soak them in a bucket of water, but wash them with a soapy rag instead!

After soaking your irons, you can clean them with a soft brush. You can also do this for woods as needed, but be sure the brush is soft enough to not scratch your clubs. A toothbrush is an ideal cleaning tool when cleaning your putter face, as it is soft and effective in removing any marks on your putter. 

The final step is to take a soapy rag and wipe down the grips to your clubs. Once you are done, wipe down the clubs with a dry cloth and let them air dry before storing them away for the winter! 

Storing Clubs:

When it comes time to store your clubs away for the winter, you may think of storing them in your basement, garage, storage unit, or even in your vehicle’s trunk. However, it is highly recommended that you store golf clubs in a dry, temperature-controlled environment rather than exposing them to the cold winter elements. 

One place in particular you should try to avoid storing your clubs is your vehicle’s trunk, for several reasons. 1. The cold can potentially dry your grips, causing them to crack or harden. 2. The cold could weaken the club shaft. 3. Your clubs are more likely to get scratches and dents from the clubs moving around inside the trunk.

 It is also not recommended that you store your clubs in your garage. If your garage is not temperature-controlled, your clubs could weaken because of the effects of the cold. 

If you’re looking for an ideal place to store your clubs, you may want to consider storing them inside your home! Storing clubs inside a closet or even in your basement (if dry and at moderate temperature) can be great options. Any dry and temperature-controlled area would be a great option to store and preserve your clubs this winter! Not only will it protect them from the elements, but your clubs will also be less prone to damage!

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