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Fall Golf: 4 Reasons to Play Fall Golf

Fall Golf

The month of October usually signals the end of the golf season for most golfers in the Midwest. Many begin to put their clubs away for the season and will not return to the course until late April or early May. These golfers miss opportunities to play in reasonably nice weather in October and early November. However, the weather isn’t the only appealing reason to play in the Fall! In this blog, we have 4 reasons why you should save putting your clubs away for when courses are officially closed for the season.


The Weather:

 Although cooler, Fall in Iowa is usually still plenty nice for going out to play golf. In early to mid-October, there can be days where temperatures reach close to 75 degrees with averages in the mid to high 60’s. In late October to early November, temperatures usually hover around the low 60’s to high 50’s mark. On average, October also has the least amount of precipitation compared to other months, leading to plenty of days for golf. If you find it is too chilly to ride in a cart, walk the course! Not only is walking while playing good exercise, but it can also help keep you warm on cooler days! 


Changes in The Course:

With fall weather, your course will change in the way it plays. You may have different lies you usually wouldn’t have. You will also probably notice the course has firmed up as you will get more roll in the fairways and may have a more challenging time getting approach shots to bite! This can add some unique challenges to the course you have played many times before. Another change is the lack of leaves on trees. You may be able to hit shots over trees you usually wouldn’t have been able to. 


Pace of Play:

As stated, many golfers tend to put their clubs away and call the season over once October hits. This means more tee times available and fewer 6-hour rounds! When Fall comes around, the people who know the game well and play frequently are likely the ones still golfing. This helps speed up play on weekends to a more reasonable pace, which is beneficial with days becoming shorter. You may also even have days where you are the only one out on the course!


Bonus Golf:

The typical golf season is typically thought to be from May to Mid-September. If you go out to play in October or November, think of it as bonus golf! Take the pressure off yourself and focus on having fun. Be creative and try to hit shots you’ve never tried to hit before, or work on something that has been a thorn in your side during the summer. We’ll all be waiting around for the golf season to start back up by February and March, so you might as well take advantage of the nice fall days while you can!

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