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Everything To Know About Club Fittings

The golf season is in full swing, which means you’ve likely enjoyed the first couple of rounds of your 2022 golf season! What were your results? If you’ve crushed it, awesome! If you have struggled to find a groove in the early going of 2022, Wagner’s Golf is here to help! In today’s blog we’re going to cover a sure-fire way to improve your game – custom club fittings

What is a club fitting?

Golf clubs can be expensive, making it a commitment when it comes time to buy new golf equipment! Making the wrong decision can be an expensive mistake that may also cause uncomfortable or worse play. 

This is where club fittings come in! A club fitting is an individualized session with a professional that will determine the club size and specifications to optimize your golf games performance. For Wagner’s Golf customers, you’ll use the store’s full swing golf simulator and staff will help decide the exact shaft, flex, weight, lie and loft that will compliment your game!

At Wagner’s Golf, a club fitting is a low-risk, high reward process. With the purchase of any club or set, your fitting will be free! If you plan on buying new clubs, a club fitting at Wagner’s Golf is just what you need to ensure you are using the correct clubs! 

Why should you get fitted for clubs?

First reason is simple: you’ll play better! “Off-the-rack” clubs are a great place to start for golfers, but getting clubs custom fitted to your needs as a player will help you realize the untapped potential you have as a golfer. You wouldn’t take the basketball court with shoes a size too large, similarly you wouldn’t want to hit the golf course with clubs that are the wrong size. A custom club fitting will help you gain valuable information, while also providing you with the correct fit. 

The second reason club fittings are important is the peace of mind you’ll enjoy on the course. Understanding your exact needs will help you cut through the marketing noise provided by club manufacturers. It’s a vital step that will give you a leg up in a difficult purchasing process. A fitting will remove the guesswork from purchasing clubs while eliminating any rocky adjustments. You’ll also gain confidence on the course knowing the equipment in your bag is working to your specific needs. 

A common misconception

Don’t assume custom clubs are just for professionals. Any level of golfer will benefit from a custom club fittings, and the process is easier and more accessible than you might think!

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to improve your game! And as always, Wagner’s Golf is here to help you Evolve Your Game! Sign up for your next custom club fitting here!

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