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Health Benefits of Golf: Is Golfing Good Exercise?

Are you searching for ways to gain important exercise as summer reaches full swing? Millions of Americans turn to various exercise methods every year to get in shape. In this blog, we’ll cover the health benefits of golf!

Golf is certainly less physically demanding than other blockbuster American sports. But that doesn’t mean the health benefits of golf don’t exist. Today we’ll get to the bottom of the question: is golfing good exercise?

We say yes!

Golfing Provides More Exercise Than You Think

Are you playing golf for the thrill of the game? Or maybe you are trying to improve your score to gain bragging rights over a friend. 

Either way, if you are golfing regularly, you are exercising more than you think! For nine holes of golf, the average golfer can burn as many as 1,500 calories. This is as many calories as one hour of running, two hours of biking, or one-and-a-half hours of swimming laps. 

If you enjoy spending time out on the course, then you’ve likely been getting tremendous exercise that you haven’t even noticed. 

Is using a cart still good exercise?

A round of golf can certainly be different whether you do or do not have access to a golf cart. The amount of walking and therefore exercise will be significantly more if you decide not to use a cart while golfing. 

But, if you are pressed for time or unable to walk all 18 holes, don’t worry. The health benefits of golf aren’t only from walking the course. 

Swinging a golf club has benefits related to building strength throughout your entire body. Major muscle groups like the arms, legs, back, and abdomen are all a part of the golf swing. So, your body will gain strength with every stroke as you complete your round. Plus, as you perfect your swing, you’ll gain balance and coordination skills that are valuable for your physical health. 

So, don’t worry if you’d rather use the help of a golf chart. You’ll still be gaining tremendous exercise on the course!

The Start Of Your Exercise Journey

Golf can also be a great starting point for any exercise journey!

No one will expect your exercise journey to be completed overnight. However, golf can be an important stepping stone on the path to the best possible fitness. 

Swinging the club consistently will help you walk the course and climb hills with ease. Then, you’ll be prepared to take on bigger fitness goals.

If you’d like to achieve peak fitness but you need somewhere to start, golfing could be the perfect place to turn.

Fitness You’ll Enjoy

Fitness methods aren’t for everyone.

During a fitness journey, it is important to enjoy the exercise methods. If you don’t enjoy the ways you are gaining exercise, then you will be more likely to become uninterested. And, sticking to the exercise plan is very important. 

Walking a treadmill or repetitive weight lifting techniques may not be the thrill you need to continue your fitness journey. 

One benefit of golf is you will enjoy the game while you burn calories and get yourself in shape. The excitement of sinking a nice putt will get you hooked on the game and you won’t become bored by getting the exercise. 

Golf is a game that is often enjoyed with friends and family, so don’t underestimate the social aspect of exercise! If you are exercising with a friend along the way, you’ll be much more accountable and the journey will be more enjoyable. Social aspect of golf is another great benefit of the game!

Mental Health Benefits of Golf

Physical exercise isn’t the only type of exercise your body needs. It is important to exercise your mind as well and golf can provide an important amount of concentration, focus, and thinking that gives your mental health a great workout. 

Any round of golf is full of important decisions to make and moments that require complete concentration. Golf is a unique opportunity to exercise your mental and physical health at the same time. 

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